§ Commercially remanufactured Class 1 5.56NATO brass rifle cases available
§ Cases were originally manufactured by Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Winchester Cartridge Co. and other MIL SPEC manufacturers and have been purchased from the United States Government and are certified to be 1X fired
§ Cases are washed and dried prior to remanufacturing
§ Cases are then transferred to a proprietary, custom designed and built remanufacturing machine and automatically inspected for integrity
§ They are then de-primed, reshaped, and swaged
§ The cases are trimmed and inspected with electronic sensors
§ The cases are then re-washed and coated that will prevent tarnishing during long term storage
§ The cases are returned to MIL SPEC parameters and are now ready for loading

§ The cases can also be shine to a commercial grade finish.

§ The cases are packaged in 2,000 count heavy corrugated boxes
§ Full pallets have 72 boxes (144,000 brass cases) and are stretch wrapped for shipment

§ 50% down upon order receipt, balance upon shipment
§ Pricing scaled to volume/repeat orders, call for details
§ Shipping & delivery charges are not included